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Indoor Targets

A Unique and Original Activity

Stop by Maniax® to have an experience you and your friends will talk about for weeks.

Come and throw axes for your special occasions.



Come celebrate a friend, partner, colleague, or even a family member's birthday.

Axe throwing is the perfect activity to have fun, no matter your age.


Bachelor & Bachelorettes

As a best man or maid of honour, why not organize an axe-throwing session (one of the most unique activities) for your friend who will soon be celebrating their wedding?

We want to specify that costumes are allowed and even encouraged.

Retirement Parties

Axe throwing is the best way to celebrate a retirement, bringing an exciting and memorable adventure to this significant life milestone.


Conferences, Product Launches, or Employee Recognition.

Our facilities allow you to organize meetings, conferences, product launches, or other corporate events.

Bring your own food, or choose to have it delivered directly to our premises!

Activity Timeline

& Instructions

Guided by a Maniax® coach, we provide you with all the useful tips to master the art of axe throwing.

For this first part of the activity, our instructors give you detailed instructions as you familiarize yourself with the technique.

& Practice

The training period is an important moment for your group. Try to hit the bullseye as many times as possible.

Different techniques and types of axes

Ask our staff to teach you the different techniques for throwing.

You can also try different axes, each with its own characteristics.

Which one will be your favorite?

& tournament

You also have the opportunity to participate in a single or double elimination tournament, along with the members of your group.

You can then compete against other teams and assess where you stand in the art of axe throwing!

These competitions are meant to be friendly and enjoyable. The goal is to have fun!

Award ceremony for the winners

At the end of the tournament, two finalists will be crowned champions.

Souvenir photo of your group

We take photos of all groups for free to capture your experience.


Our Rates:

70 Minutes 90 to 120 Minutes
*Taxes not included
Unlimited throws at regular targets
(for 70 minutes)

3 Types of Maniax® axes

(Ninja, Mini-Tomahawk & Official)

Professional instructor included
(training duration of 2 to 3 minutes)

Normally, the explanations only last for 2 to 3 minutes, but the learning process can be much longer. Our coaches are there to assist you, so don't hesitate to ask for their help. (Tipping the Maniax® staff is entirely at your discretion.)

1 to 3 people per target (minimum of 1 player)

Depending on the # of players.

Example: 2 people on 2 targets or 3 people on 2 targets or 5 people on 3 targets, 10 people on 5 targets.

Not valid during busy periods.
We don't mix you with other people on the same target, you stay with your friends!
Free Parking
$26.09/ person*

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